NB-620E & 670E    "Hot Deal"

NB-R770E    "Hot Deal"

NB-R1060E   "Hot Deal"

NB-100CE Cold water

   Easy panel operation model

   with full Blooming bidet features

  Non-electricity stylish design

  with 2 separate nozzles for

  cleansing and bidet.

  Smart Blooming features &  slim

  design with wireless remote


   High-end model with full options

   and wireless remote controller.

   Dual operation system.

Westech Electric Ltd provide 2 year warranty and 5 year parts backup.

LED lights at night

Senses toilet light and turns On & Off

luminous LED automatically. You can

use bidet without toilet light.

Power Saving

Senses toilet luminosity and shows

Excellent power saving efficiency.

Blooming bidets Simulation

Blooming bidets are compliance with RCM electrical safety approval

and/or C-ticks EMC requirements for Australia and New Zealand.